Fashion And Lifestyle Photographer

Hey ya’all! I’m Peter Salama. I am a fashion and lifestyle photographer serving the San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. It’s nice to virtually meet you!

As a photographer who knows the importance of an epic shot, I know that creating that amazing image begins with finding the right photographer with the ability to capture unique beauty, brand and essence.

As you can see from my imagery, I am very passionate about my work. I’ve trained for over ten years, working with masters in the art, and am constantly studying state-of-the-art techniques to ensure my technical skills are nothing short of perfection. But you are probably thinking, ‘I have to find a photographer I can connect with before, during and after the shoot’.

Rest assured, I understand and appreciate the need to take the time to personally connect with you beforehand in order to understand the WHY and WHAT you are trying to achieve. Prior to the shoot, I develop, design and share ideas with you that will help bring your dream to reality.

During the shoot,  you will be able to see the images we are shooting, so we can re-direct on the spot to acquire the images you want.

After the shoot, we will meet again to review and select photos for finishing. I know you are excited to see the final work and begin to use those photos for what you have in mind, so I always ensure the turnaround time for delivery we’ve discussed in advance is achieved.

But please… Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the testimonials from people who have worked with me in the past and watch the video of how I work first hand!

Contact Me

If you like what you see, email or call me! I would love to help you achieve your vision!

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